Design and fabrication of MEMS microsensors

Fabrication facilities

Class 100 and 1000 (ISO 5 and ISO 6) clean room areas, located at CIDESI-Querétaro, are available for fabrication and characterization of MEMS microsensors
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What is/are MEMS?

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, or MEMS, is a technology that can be defined as miniaturized mechanical and electrical elements (i.e., devices and structures) that are made using the techniques of microfabrication. The physical dimensions of MEMS devices can vary from one micron to several millimeters. Likewise, the types of MEMS devices can vary from relatively simple structures having no moving elements, to extremely complex electromechanical systems with multiple moving elements under the control of integrated microelectronics.

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MEMS microsensors are successfully used nowadays in several applications:


Modern cars are equipped with several microsensors incorporated in subsystems to increase environmental awareness and occupants safety. Source: BOSCH


Smartphones hardware strongly depends on MEMS sensors to obtain information of position, tilt, acceleration to improve functionality. Also, audio and video subsystems include MEMS devices to optimize media quality. Source: Inter Free Press


Image projectors use MEMS micromirrors to increase resolution and contrast and, in consequence, image sharpness and projection distance is improved. Source: Lemoptix

Implantable sensors

Microsensors have been fabricated using biocompatible materials to use in biomedical applications for vital signs monitoring and diagnosis of illness. Source: Sensimed

Previous work

Some examples of our previous designs and fabricated devices


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MEMS design and modeling using finite element analysis (FEA)
2 / 9
Accelerometer concept
3 / 9
Fabrication of MEMS devices on flexible carriers
4 / 9
Mass sensor design for biosensing applications
5 / 9
Pressure sensor
6 / 9
Thermal converter for metrology
7 / 9
Tilt sensor
8 / 9
Magnetic sensor
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Flow sensor

Inspect a model of our facilities

4000 sqtft (362 m2) of class 100 (ISO-5) and 1000 (ISO-6) of modular clean room areas instrumented with different MEMS fabrication and testing equipment.

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